Investing in property abroad is a significant decision, and Turkey has become a popular choice for many investors around the world. This article will provide an overview of the property market in Turkey, specifically property for sale in Turkey, and why it is a viable option for both residential and investment purposes.

Why Invest in Turkey?

Turkey offers a unique blend of Eastern and Western cultures, with its strategic location between Europe and Asia. The country has a thriving economy and a growing real estate market, making it an ideal place for property investment. The properties for sale in Turkey are reasonably priced compared to other European countries, and the government has implemented policies that encourage foreign investment. Additionally, Turkey’s vibrant culture, historical attractions, and stunning natural beauty add to its appeal.

Types of Properties for Sale in Turkey

There is a wide variety of properties for sale in Turkey, catering to different investment needs and lifestyle preferences. From luxurious villas in coastal towns like Bodrum and Antalya to modern apartments in bustling cities like Istanbul, there is something for everyone. For those looking for commercial investments, there are numerous options available, including office spaces, retail outlets, and even hotels. Moreover, new developments are constantly emerging, offering modern facilities and amenities.

Buying Property in Turkey: The Process

The process of buying property in Turkey is straightforward and transparent. Foreigners are allowed to buy most types of properties, except for land in military zones. The first step is to choose a property and negotiate the price with the seller. Next, a property appraisal report and a deed transfer (Tapu) are required. The buyer must then pay the property taxes and the deed is registered in their name. It is advisable to hire a lawyer and a real estate agent to ensure a smooth and secure transaction.


In conclusion, Turkey offers a wide range of properties for sale, making it an attractive destination for investors and individuals looking for a second home. The favorable investment environment, combined with the country’s rich culture and stunning landscapes, makes buying property in Turkey a worthwhile investment. Start your property search today with Right Home and explore the opportunities that await in this beautiful country.

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