The Human Relations Theory is frequently covered in the organisational behaviour and management section in Class 12 Business Studies. The flaws in traditional management theories led to the development of the Human Relations Theory, commonly referred to as the Hawthorne Studies. It highlights the importance of social and psychological elements in the workplace and the influence that employee motivation, morale, and interpersonal interactions have on the functioning of a business. It might be difficult for students to fully comprehend the principles of the Human Relations Theory as it deals with abstract ideas connected to social dynamics, motivation, and human behaviour. Online coaching classes are helpful for students in Students can participate in conversations, ask questions, and seek clarification on complex subjects in an interactive learning environment provided by online classrooms. These courses can improve students’ comprehension of the Human Relations Theory and assist them in navigating the intricate ideas of management and organisationalbehaviour.

Crucial characteristics of the human relations theory

The Hawthorne Studies, also known as the Human Relations Theory, changed management philosophy by highlighting the social and psychological components of the workplace. It opposed the inflexible and mechanical methods of conventional management ideas. The following are some of the Human Relations Theory’s most essential features as taught in online coaching:

Emphasis on Human Element

According to the Human Relations Theory, the human element is essential in the workplace. It acknowledges that people with social and psychological needs make up organisations.

Informal Groups

Recognition of the effect and presence of informal groups inside the company. Social dynamics in these unofficial groupings affect people’s performance and conduct.

Social Factors Matter

The understanding is that interpersonal interactions, group dynamics, and communication all significantly impact how people behave inside and outside organisations.

Job Satisfaction and Staff Morale

The significance of these two factors is emphasised together. According to the notion, contented workers are more engaged and productive.

Exceeding Economic Requirements in Motivation

A deviation from the conventional wisdom that financial considerations primarily drive workers. According to the Human Relations Theory, motivation is also greatly influenced by social and psychological requirements.

Democratic Leadership Style

Promotion of a more democratic and participatory style of leadership. According to the hypothesis, employee loyalty and satisfaction may be increased by including them in decision-making processes.

Communication Is Essential

Stress the need for efficient communication inside the company. Creating a pleasant work environment and fostering positive connections requires open and honest communication.

The Complexity of Human Behavior

Acknowledgement of how intricate human behaviour is. The approach recognises that people have several motivations and social and psychological variables impact their conduct.

Social and Psychological Needs

According to the Human Relations Theory, a person’s social and psychological needs are essential to overall well-being. Taking care of these requirements is necessary to have a productive workplace. Students who find the topic challenging can join the best online coaching and learn from expert tutors.

Drawbacks of the human relations theory

Although the Human Relations Theory provides a valuable viewpoint for comprehending workplace dynamics, it has flaws. Among the noteworthy disadvantages some primarily mentioned on coaching classes website are:

Excessive Stress on Social Variables

The Human Relations Theory has been criticised for its propensity to overemphasise social variables at the expense of other essential components, including task efficiency, productivity, and organisational objectives.

Restricted Applicability

Not every company or industry can use the idea. Its tenets could be less relevant in some work contexts with particular social dynamics and more successful in others.

Neglecting Economic Factors

According to critics, the Human Relations Theory ignores financial aspects like salary, benefits, and job security that impact employee behaviour. It might not adequately take care of the workers’ financial requirements.

Individual Variations Oversimplified

The idea tends to oversimplify the comprehension of individual employee variations. Individuals differ in their wants, motives, and reactions to social cues, and the theory could not fully account for this diversity.

Opposition to Change

Although the theory strongly emphasises the value of connections, it could not do enough to resolve organisational opposition to change. Implementing organisational changes may be difficult because workers may oppose changes that upend long-standing social systems.

Absence of Task Efficiency Focus

According to critics, the Human Relations Theory does not offer enough direction for accomplishing organisational objectives and task efficiency. Task-oriented techniques may become less critical due to the emphasis on social factors.

Complexity of Human Behavior

The Human Relations Theory only partially captures the complexity of human behaviour. It might not consider the wide range of variables affecting individual and collective work behaviour.

Measurement Difficulty

It might be challenging to quantify the effects of social and psychological elements. It is difficult to evaluate the efficacy of treatments based on Human Relations Theory because of this measuring issue. Joining online coaching centreis a good resource for students struggling in this or related topics.


In conclusion, by emphasising the social and psychological components of the workplace, the Human Relations Theory—a significant idea in Class 12 Business Studies—represents a revolutionary change in management theory. This theory emphasises the need to comprehend human wants, motives, and group dynamics. The subject may be complex for students for a variety of reasons. The complexity of the Human Relations Theory can be challenging to understand due to the abstract nature of human behaviour, the complex interactions of social elements, and the departure from more conventional, mechanical management perspectives. Online coaching classes are essential for helping students understand this complex subject. Students may participate in conversations, pose questions, and look for clarification on challenging ideas linked to the Human Relations Theory thanks to the interactive character of online tutoring services.

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